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How to Jazz up Your Daily Wear Salwar Kameez

April 25, 2017

Tonal Grey Resham embroidered​ 3 piece Black & grey salwar kameez setIf you compare a simple designer salwar kameez to a gorgeously embellished extravagant one, you are definitely going to steer towards the latter beauty. However, the number of days in companionship between a heavily embroidered salwar suit and you, are going to be numbered. Soon after wearing it in a function, the suit is going to be packed away in the dark corners of your closet. Also, you’ll have to think twice before wearing this memorable garment again for an event. To sum it up, the simple designer daily wear salwar kameez is actually going to be your best friend forever.

A simple chic salwar can be worn graciously for any day event. Buy salwar kameez online, that are plain, neutral or solid colored, which can be used for various fashion possibilities. There is a lot of scope in styling plain salwar kameez and transforming it into a bespoke designer apparel.

Following are few hacks to up the glamour quotient of your daily wear salwar kameez.

Use a Stole

A salwar suit offers the advantage of flaunting dupattas and stoles. Keep the stole as stylish as you desire. Modern hues along with traditional embellishments can transform the look of your salwar kameez. The stole can also turn the look from a business meeting to a party wear in an instant.

Make a Statement with Bold Jewelry

A big, beautiful necklace is all it takes to elevate the style factor of your plain salwar kameez. You can coordinate a breathtaking choker or earrings with your suit to get the high street meets royalty look.

Layer It with a Jacket

Jackets are capable of transforming plain salwar kameezes into exclusive pieces. Depending on the kind of dramatic look you wish to achieve, you can wear the jacket bust length, waist length or knee length.

Pair It up with Pants

Your kameez doesn’t always have to be paired with the traditional salwaars or churidar. The traditional bottoms can be replaced with palazzos, cigarette pants, ankle length skirts or capris. A simple salwar kameez can be mixed and matched with a variety of bottoms to create a trendsetting ensemble.

The plain salwar suit also rates high when it comes to comfort. So, buy salwar kameez online that is modest, and step out in new glamorous avatars every time.

The above fashion hacks can be combined with stylish shoes and handbags, and you’ll be able to wear your plain salwar kameez to any important occasion.

Evening Abayas and Your Dream Gowns

February 8, 2017

The ever-blurring lines between Abayas and gowns is said to be diluting further by introducing different cultural renditions to the simple Abayas. We already can see the likes of haute couture trending all over Pinterest as well as channeling into mainstream fashion scene with maxis, sheer accent, and Dubai’s famous floral cuts with jalabiyas morphed capes. The latest style designs to hit the popularity charts are Jordanian /Palestinian Abayas with ribbon/piping accents on seams and cuts.

The rich cultural influences strongly ring in, in many of the creations which you can easily buy online. The many varied online repositories available could be your home to many of the famous rich crafts celebrated much across the globe and bring in the much-needed relief to break your wardrobe monotony. The era of modest evening gowns has arrived and us ladies can gladly dip into the luxe warmth of owning such ornate pieces as our prized collection. The many aliases of a humble Abaya today, has diversified to adapt and befit various needs and occasions. Be it a wedding, a ball, formal meetings, or casual hangouts there are just way too many options for the Hijabi women to exercise their options from. By giving the comfort of a slip on Maxi dress to earning all points on the glam quotient with the razzle-dazzle of swarovski crystals and rich threads, all such Abayas are a clear embodiment of a modern day Hijabi woman embodying faith and fashion smoothly.

Double Layered Centered Floral Accent Arabic Crystal Abaya

Evening Abayas are increasingly, not only gaining traction amongst the Muslim Women but have managed to spark an interest in non-Muslim women alike by gaining a significant foothold in the market. Moreover, even evening Ball Gowns, have come a long way from being puffy princess dresses to ginormous ruffles and hence the women in general seem to have found a calling in these Abayas, owing to their exquisite craft and designs. Owing to their flowy silhouettes and versatility, these Abayas manage to fit well on many body- shapes, masking one’s non-flattery curves to the fleek and gives you the respite from worrying over your wardrobe malfunctioning on your dinner date.

Try Colorful Long Wool Jackets to Ward off Winter Blues

December 30, 2016

For many, winters resonate with gloom and depression and are struck by what we know as ‘winter-blues’ while for many others, it harbingers new season of hope and keeps people in a pleasant mood all day long giving much respite from the otherwise hot and humid weather experienced in the better half of the year. And just in case, if you happen to fall in the unfortunate lot who get psyched by the ‘numb coldness’ of things all around (pun- intended), a little dash of color could perhaps get your mood soaring high. Without going through the nuances of color-therapy, let’s put it in layman’s terms that vibrant colors induce a lot of happy hormones which makes one cheerful. Thus, many psychologists believe that colors play a major role in influencing a person’s mood and thus could help in uplifting it.

So, when one dons new clothes or clothes which one has long cherished or desired, the butterflies fluttering in your stomach are these feelings. Long wool coat jackets are one of the most staple wardrobe items in any winter closet and hence a girl should give adequate attention to the look, cut and length of it as different styles suit different body types. However, there are a couple of stock reserves which every girl should lay her hands on and that is a Long black trench coat which never goes wrong with any outfit. Similarly, a Red solid trench coat is another example of easy style and smooth comfort and charades a variety of not so flattering curves and body-suits.

However, the beauty of such wool jackets get heightened when one couples it up with a knee highs and rest assured your ever-so-dapper coat would render volumes on your defined look. Another winter wardrobe essential is your muffler and hence investment should be made in a variety of such options to befit a range of outfits which one possesses. Further, a well thought investment in woolen coat is a sound decision as it’s more tangible than furs and hence could also pass down as heirloom for the next generation as it easily sustains wears-tears of time. So, what are you waiting for, let’s get to some shopping.

Have You Checked out This Season's Woolen Jacket?

December 1, 2016

Long woolen coats and jackets have been a winter staple especially in countries carrying colder climate. The long-drawn coats befit a range of outfits and easily carry on from dresses to pant-suits. The woolen Mufflers and camel coats are an easy wardrobe input and every winter keeps adding more cooler ways of layering it.

Muslim women too revel in the easy flexibility offered by long woolen coats as it can easily be topped with Abayas or trousers leaving umpteen number of possibilities for creativity. Apart from that the various types of coats like trench, duffle puffs, Parka with vivid variations like double breasted, side slits and button downs enhance the cuts on different materials and keep getting re-interpreted in the market to give something new to the lovers of all things winter.

The frock coats for example makes for easy layering on maxis, frocks and Abayas. They carry their own element and some are inlaid with furs to render that extra sheet of warmth if you are wearing a regular cotton Abaya. Such wool coats for women branch out into giving many folds and cuts made fashionable on the celluloid and ramp walks. The ever-popular alternatives remain Trench, double-breasted and single breasted wraps and such wraps have been further materialized into jersey-shrugs and cardigans.

The young girls let’s say teens and pre-teens too enjoy donning such wraps for often such Wraps help them cover up not so flattering inner garments and add a dash of flair to their statement outer-wear. Needless to say,a statement outerwear, in this case a woolen jacket also manages to do the needful in terms of layering the underclothes and the ever-so-busy kids who always seem to be busy can just pull that out of the closet and are good to go. So, it also comes along to be time-efficient.

How to Style Modest Sarees

October 19, 2016

One of the most predominant attires for women across cultures especially in India, Bangladesh and Nepal have been sarees. Women have been known to have mastered the art of draping these six yards of cloth piece onto their bodies with such finesse that for long foreigners have created their own spin offs and rip offs of the attire.

Sarees have an innate essence of grace and exuberance about them which speaks volumes on modesty and elegance when you drape those six yards on to your bodies. Also the fabrics like silk, banarasi, kanjiveram, are traditionally used for social religious ceremonies and indicate power dressing as well as have a hint of class elite. In the olden days, such sarees were won by women of the landlords, or gentry class. Muslim sarees have traditionally been worn with a blouse that extends well below the navel and transforms more in the form of a shirt blouse to cover any part of the visible skin on the waist. The Saree is also draped in different styles which largely depends upon the region you live in. Be it the seedha, Palla, Ultapalla, ghoonghat Palla. Not very far from the crowd is the colloquial version in the skirt saree worn by young girls in the deccan south of India. There are umpteen ways of teaming your skirt sarees with colouful chunaris, skirt and blouse. More so if you are to examine a saree drape closely, that could also give indications into the social class hierarchy. For example, the elites used to don chiffons with a long drawn drape fall in the front which also quite caused a fashion trend in the olden days.

There are no traditional Islamic motifs as such roped in such sarees but they are crafted out of rich fabrics which are quite popular with the Muslim women like lawn silk and chiffons and boast of detailed hand-work of intricate embroideries and zardozi. These rich modest sarees surely give out a royal gleam that befit multiple occasions. Similarly, Fabrics which are dyed gold with Croatia weaves are also a favorite pick with women to don on occasions.

How to Style Your Front Open Abayas on the Fleek

September 26, 2016

Front Open Abayas are a great fit for occasions when you want to play with layering and yet keep your look neat without going overtly messy. One look at the digital repositories and you’ll be bombarded with images of fashionistas styling their front open Abayas on the fleek. For the uninitiated, Front open Abayas as the name suggests, have a hidden layer of inner clothing seen through the outer layer a slit, zipper or buttons. Generally, you’ll see such Abayas which open to reveal a play of color blocks or prints.

Now that we are done with getting the basics right when it comes to Front open Abayas, here’s some tips to help you put your style game on.

Robe style Abayas- Abayas which generally take the shape of an outer-wear in the form of a robe, long shrug or kaftan could be styled by keeping the outer-wear open to reveal an inner short hemmed tunic in the same color with complimenting trousers or tights accordingly. This is the most common form of Front open Abayas.

Button down Outer-wear- Button down outer-wear Abayas work wonders with color blocks. Open the buttons from waist down to reveal an inner slip in a complimenting color. Generally, the outerwear is worn in solid colors while the inner is kept in pastels. You could also go vice-versa and experiment with prints. Make it further chic by accessorizing with a waist clinching chain- belt. Alternatively, zippers too are increasingly getting popular these days and hence these work best zipping down to the waist to reveal a shorter inner. This could be a top or slip offers much variance.

Coat styled Abayas- are generally dominant in cooler climates. They are double breasted and hence have cut ins into the outer layer to make room for accent pockets. They are mostly donned in the family of complimenting colors like Black & Grey, Green and Emerald green. Don’t forget to accessorize by coordinating the color tone of your Abaya with that of your Hijab. With this too, you could open the upper buttons depending upon your stature to reveal a blouse or a shorter tunic worn inside.

Hope this helps you in getting the nuances of your Abaya styling. Till then keep experimenting.

A Move Beyond the Traditional Islamic Clothing

August 22, 2016

Millennials have always tried things differently and that’s a truth acknowledged across cultures and geographies. Be it their views, food, clothing etc. all have changed remarkably in comparison to the earlier generations. One such move has been the idea to adapt to a conventional sense of tradition and embedded culture. While young, people have always dabbled with the idea of infusing some creativity in rituals and traditions, however their cultural interpretation through clothes has for long been a recurrent theme; something which every generation has experimented with.

And when it comes to traditional Islamic clothing, there’s no dearth of creativities splattered across the globe in varying cultures and sub-cultures, ethnicities and races. Right from the Burqas of Afghanistan and Abayas of the Middle East to the now famous Burqinis (Muslim customized swim-wear) and Thobe and Pathani suits, we see a spurt and revival of such fashion every few years, claiming to imbibe a certain old world charm. While many such traditional clothes seem to pass as pieces of family heirlooms to the future progenies, they are as much revered by the Millennials themselves.

But the millennial lifestyle does not allow room for the conventional traditional Islamic dresses as daily -wear and hence a few quick fixes here and there does the job well to make such trousseaus for easy comfort and utility. For example, the near 2 metres long dupatta is replaced as a headscarf to be easy for women to carry. The Kurtis worn majorly in South East Asia are replaced by Tunics making it conventional yet functional as both a formal and casual wear. On many occasions we see Islamic clothing for men and women have taken a shift from being highly ornate to being more practical and utility efficient in meeting the demands of a daily life. While the embroideries and prints as well as fabric have pretty much remained the same, there has been an influx of many mixed and combination fabric material in dispensing attires to meet climate call or personal discretions of specific occasions like swimming or active -wears for sports or rigorous physical training. The Hijabi sisters have never been more happier as there are finally mass producers paying heed to their demands for clothing which is both faith oriented and fun. The nuanced approach of the biggies such as manufacturers and designers has led to the creation of growth for such demands.

Have You Heard About Kaftan Abayas?

July 22, 2016

A kaftan is a loose robe like unisex dress fashioned into tops and dresses or even shrugs and cardigans. Rumor has it that it took its humble beginnings into the Muslim world i.e. Persia and slowly spread across into the entire world. It’s no wonder that Jalabbiyas which is a staple traditional dress in Turkey and Algeria& Morocco and roughly takes to the form of the dress. The Kaftans are much characterized by their flairy baloon sleeves and gets retained in the rendition of tops and ponchos inspired by the traditional dress.

Similarly, Abayas which form the usual closet stock in any Muslim women’s daily-wear also seems to have assimilated the elements of a kaftan owing to its growing popularity. A kaftan abaya typically sets in for an occasional wear with sometimes designers often working on them with costly chinese silks and rubies and stones as it’s famous in Algeria and Morroco. The gaudy dresses off late have also started to replace the traditional wedding Jalabbiyas in Algeria given its huge fan following among young girls and brides -to be. Check out any popular HIjabi Instagrammer and you’ll be more than likely to see Fashion enthusiasts dressed in ornamental Kaftan Abayas.

Kaftans for women have always been rendered keeping in mind the comfort of the woman. The fact that it’s highly customizable and manages to cover up that not so flattering body of oneself with love handles and stored fat; it comes as an easy way to escape the body shame and yet remain chic and modest at the same time. The chic avatars have also seen Kaftans being used as a classy beach-wear with much tassels and sheer play in the cloth. It’s no wonder that even many Hollywood A -listers have also managed to flaunt the kaftan with élan on the Red Carpet and premieres like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton among many others. It’s also interesting to note that Kaftans undergo much cultural interpretation and adapt to the taste of the women quite smoothly. So a Typical Moroccan Kaftan Abaya differs greatly from an Arabian Kaftan or an English Kaftan.

Advice to Newbie Hijabis: Opt for Cotton Hijab

June 23, 2016

Well, when it comes to newbies adopting and adhering to the Hijab culture, the biggest hurdle which gets to them is managing the Headscarf with the pin tucks. And it’s a truth universally acknowledged that no matter whatever precision you take in pinning your Hijab, there will always be room for some ‘flyaways’ and case of ‘missing-pins’ is gonna be your long perpetual struggle. Cut to the chase, it’s an altogether different ballgame if you happen to live under the Tropics and the initial struggle to keep your head totally covered coping with the rising Fahrenheit outside, might end up leaving some jittery or teary- eyed. But don’t fret over it as with time and practice you grow comfortable in the ‘hijab mould’. Alternatively, go for cheap hijabs for your all pin tucking practice.

We see that even though Islam is not eloquent about wrapping your hair with a headscarf it does at length supports the idea and notions of modest dressing and way of life in its clear tenets. The rising number of young girls taking to Hijab gives credence to the rising Indigenous Industry of Modest Fashion especially catering to Muslim women. Thus, Hijab for women, today is not only a religious statement or a political stance but also an outlet to give individual expression to women in general. The Modest fashion trend is now being increasingly recognized and acknowledged by the likes of famous Designer Labels and Fashion houses. For instance, the recent stint by H & M to rope in a Hijabi Model goes to demonstrate the widespread global acceptance of modest fashion in the mainstream fashion world. It’s also worthwhile to mention that owing to this many young girls who were in two minds about embracing Hijab have taken to it like fish to water. And needless to say the Hijabi Instagrammers have only added spurted the action.

Our advice for the young takers would be to go slow while adapting to hijab and take to it gradually by making small but significant lifestyle changes as needed. They could start with cotton hijabs as they are available in a variety of colors and prints, will stay long, are light and are also dirt cheap when it comes to price comparison with other fabrics.

Go Indie with That Modest Tunic of Yours

May 13, 2016

Muslim Tunics EastEssenceAsk a woman if she has enough clothes and the answer to that would more often than not be in affirmative. That's because afterall women have a lot to choose from and the interesting looks to dabble in. From going boho, to Indo-western with fusion to traditional heirlooms carrying legacy to digital prints and cuts of the contempoarary fashion with drizzled elements of goth, androgynous etc. blended in, today's woman surely has a lot of options to experiment and style. And amidst all of this there are certainly 2-3 her favorite items which she can throw around in her very regular 'I -don't- have- anything-to -wear -moments. Of such items like a pair of denims, whites as in shirts, scarves/stole, a tunic top or blouse always forms the manadatory wardrobe list of any given females wardrobe.

A modest tunic top/blouse is a must have essential -wear for any corporate lady. And yes, you could always add a dash of flair to the boring board-meetings to the office. Muslim women swear by this piece of garment as they almost carry the invisible tag of being a 'muslim tunic' and halal enough in which a salah could be observed.Apart from work, a tunic top also forms a great option for going out shopping or for brunches as wells as brings in the domestic vibe of ease and comfort if staying indoors. Apart from that a modest tunic with varied lengths could be teemed up with skirts, pants, ans accesorized well to befit events and parties as well.  Many such tunic blouses are desingned to keep the Islamic sensibilities in mind which could be later paired up with pants and skirts to give a fusion Indie look for style as well as be compliant with the sharia code of dressing.

Similarly you also have different material fabrics to suit the weather conditions of the local temperature. It's doneed in crepe, chiffon, wool and styled in long poncho styled with its versatile wearing- options. A modest tunic also answers the need of modest dressers, thus providing ample comfort for the women in general.

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